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With over twelve launching successful start-ups, our firm is well equipped and experienced in managing material supply chains in a unique way -- by integrating both lean material and logistic techniques. This includes arranging pick-up at suppliers, warehousing and/or cross-docking, sub-assembly, and Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery of material to an assembly plant to assemble completed products. Standardized work, short-lead time, low inventory with 100% accuracy and synchronized management of the supply chain will allow our clients the achievement of a flawless material delivery process at the lowest possible cost.

Some of the industries that we service are automobile, areospace, military and emergency vehicles.

We utilize Lean techniques to consolidation and deconsolidation of freight, sub-assembly, store and/or cross docking for export and/or import application. Our firm works with freight forwards and logistics firms to insure seamless delivery of products.

Our Services

• Lean Service Parts Management for optimized parts storage • Storage of the right parts
• Put-away • 24 hour order fulfillment on stock items
• Picking to 100% inventory accuracy • Superior customer service
Inbound Logistics

• Cross Dock • Supply Chain Management
• Small and Large Part JIT Delivery • Warehousing/Central Stores Management
• Sequencing • Container Management
• Kitting & Sub-Assembly  • Optimized Delivery Techniques
Service Parts Logistics

• Packaging & Kitting • Cross Dock
• Warehousing • Distribution
• Supply Chain Management