Go Systems / MRO Logistics                                                                                                                                                            

For over 10 years our firm has provided delivery of Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) products to our clients' point-of-use locations. We have effectively integrated lean manufacturing and material delivery techniques into our processes thereby providing our clients zero missed deliveries, short lead time, minimum inventory with 100% accuracy. We arrange delivery and/or pick-up from local suppliers, store or cross-dock material for daily delivery to our clients' point-of-use locations.


• Go Systems has been well established since 2001. This strategic acquisition in 2008 by Cyron Inc, continues to out perform with great feedback from Toyota

• Strong reputation and working relationship with Toyota Georgetown (TMMK) & Indiana Plants (TMMI)

• Great relationship and reputation with Toyota and indirect material suppliers (top 35 of 300)

GoSystem Performance to Daily Pick-Up & Delivery to TMMK: 

• 60% of MRO volume  • 100% Desk Top services
• 50% of top suppliers (>500 orders/month) • 100% Office supplies & paper products
• 100% Japan supplier parts • 100% of footwear products

MRO Milk Run and Spare Parts Expedite Service

• Fleet of trucks and vans

• Qualified and experienced drivers

• Daily milk runs

• Seven day 24 hour expedite services

•Warehouse and cross-dock available space