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With the extensive history of hands on application of lean manufacturing, logistics and service parts in firms all over the world, our consultants have an impressive track record of significantly improving performance in a cross section of manufacturing, service, engineering and logistics firms. Our consultants quickly determine and resolve process constraints that immediately improves our clients' bottom line. More importantly, it transforms their workforce by creating a culture of waste identification, elimination and continuous improvement. This process has proven to be successful by enhancing the value of our customers' firms in both the short and long term.


Rapid Plant Assessment
Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
Constraint (Bottleneck) Management &     resolution
Lean Process and System   Transformation/ Implementation
Lean Quality Systems
Supplier & Supply Chain Development
Lean Leadership Training
Kaizen Workshops
Application Workshops
Application Training
Process Optimization


Our energitic and skilled consultants have completed more than 150 LPS projects. The improvements can be classified as follows along with the achieved performance. 

Cost of Operations  - Reduced by 40% 

Inventory volume and Cost - Reduced by 32%

Floor Space Usage  - Reduced by 23% 

Productivity - Increased by 33%

Quality of Products - Increased by 34%

Prodution Lead Time - Reduced by 40

Throughput of Facility - Improved by 25% 

Other than these improvments, we have brought morale of the employees, reduced attrition rate which is the most important factor for any company's sustained overall growth.

Consultants Training & Certifications

Our Team of Skilled Lean Consultants training and certification include the following:
Lean Leadership Training and Certification Six Sigma Black Belt Certification
Constraint Management ACE Certified
Lean Subject Matter Expert Project Management
Lean & Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Assessment Techniques
To know learn more about Our team of consultants please visit "Consultanting Team" page. 
Customer Application

Manufacturing Firms
Manufacturing Suppliers Development
Transportation Services
Warehouse Management
Service Parts Operations
Supply Chain Optimization Lean Tools and   Training Modules
Waste Identification & Elimination
Visual Control/Factory
People Systems
Cell Design
One Piece Simulation
Standardized Work
Quick Change Over
One Page Reporting
Rapid Plant Assessment (RPA)
Quality at the Source
Quality Wall
Error Proofing
Problem Solving
 Lean Warehousing
Master Planning/Master Dot
Value Stream Mapping
Capacity & OEE Assessment

Lean Manufacturing and Supply Chain Training and Application Aid

Lean Handbooks

Lean handbooks are created by our expert team to assist lean transformation in the system. They are designed with a great care, keeping operators presspective in mind.

Lean Handbooks are designed to assist operators and managers with step-by-step application necessary in transforming your organization to be sustainable in the lean manufacturing processes. It is a readily accessible guide used daily in the work environment that conveniently fits right into your pocket


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